2733 - Ghashgai 150x97cm

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Article number2733
Age21 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth150x97cm
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663,00 EUR
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(Gaschgei), the Southern area of Persia takes its name from the tribes those has settled in 14.ten century there. The mobility due to arise Carpets in primitive weavingfframes. In addition to the most beautiful gift of modern Nomad carpets are similar to theres from Shiraz, but are finer in your knot density. Mainly, all natural colors often represented with a red-brown tone in the infield next to blue and beidegold dominates the color. It will be used almost all kind of patterns in wich the Nomade style always dominates. Wool on wool is used also Camel hair can be used in a knot density of up to 250,000 knots/m².

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