4097 - Bidjar 148x102cm

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Article number4097
Age20 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth148x102cm
Feature detailsRose Bidjar
Retailprice750,00 EUR

425,00 EUR
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Bidjar (Afshar / Tekap, Halvai, Zanjan) is located in northwest Iran near Tekap and Zanjan. They are the most durable and heaviest carpets of Iran which are made. The fact that the Bidjar on a wet loom is manufactured, requires strong men's hands. Mainly with the Bidjar Medallion is produced in the diamond theme. Flowers also designs (Rosebidjar) and the Herati allover design are shown. Mostly dominates a variation of redbrown and a golden beige tone in combination with blue and black variants. It is usually wool, modern units with silk, camel hair on cotton rarely processed. The knot density of Bidjar moves between 150 and even 650 thousand knots per square meter.

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