83 - Tabriz 313x203cm

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Article number83
Age20 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth313x203cm
Feature detailsTabriz 40 rag
Retailprice4.500,00 EUR

2.550,00 EUR
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Tabriz (Tebris, Mahi, Sarab) is located in northwest Persia. Martial battles and natural disasters, was quite hard to survive for the inhabitants. In the Middle Ages were the high arts on the carpet production had their immense influence. Fundamentally they are three species of differnt Tabriz: the rough wood Tabriz and the 40/50 and 60 levels of quality, available as Mahi, Floral or images Tabriz. The floral Tabriz is a Medallioned one with Barokes Influence in pastel shades with silk share held. The countless Mahi (fish) occur in diamonds Herati Style, with or without silk percentage, with dominating shades of beige brown or black / gray green. It is wool or cotton, often with silk Kurkwool on shares in established qualities of 100-850K Knt/Sqm. For the connoisseur: Tabriz may be regarded as the provenance which understood to follow trend or needs to enter into the west, and these findings can be skillfully incorporated into the production.

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