Quality Check

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do not want to leave in the dark
in terms of the quality determination of a true Persian
This includes the most important part the node count.
As an example we take the back of a floral-Tabris

The coarser type of Tabris also known as a 40 ratsh the node
density is
approximately 200000-250000 knt / m².
The finer 50ratsh Tabris is about 300000-450000 / m²
The very fine 60ratsh has more than 500,000 per square meter.

To determine at what Tabris now it is in the above figure
Just count the number of nodes to 10 cm in length and enter
the value in the knotcalculater. The faster version:
They are only 5cm off and take the value 2 times
2cm or 5 times, etc.
If you've done everything correct you will get a value
between 300,000 to 350,000 knt./sqm


Please enter your node count value
which you have establish on 10cm.

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