8738 - Nain 50x50cm

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Article number8738
Age24 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth50x50cm
Feature detailsNain 9lah rund
Retailprice180,00 EUR

102,00 EUR
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Nain (Na een) 140 km east of Esfahan is Nain located. As the beginning of the 19th century, the trend towards Western dress collection in Nain was saddled so that many producers of fine materials turned to the carpets. So it explain himself why the finest carpets find theire orin in NAin. This Nain Sish (6) lah has a knotdensity of over 1 million nodes/sqm on Woolenground. Unmistakably, there is a dominant white or ivory combined in most varies of blue tint. Almost all designs are possible. The Medallion is also a classically round, nestled on a white, blue or red background. Innumerable floral arabesques, rosettes, and a variety of other styles that derived the Esfahan are found in Nain. The favorable product is the Nain Tabas with coarse wool, often with Rayon shares on cotton at about 250 TKnt/sqm. Then follows the Nohlah (9) with the real silk shares to up to 600 TKnt/sqm. The king of all woolen carpets is the Sishlah (6) Nain, rarely 4lah where Kurkwool finest ever side with high proportions of best cotton is processed. For the experts: you twirl the shot (fringe) of Nains and count on. You will notice it will normally be 12, 9, or 6;)

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