923352 - Esfahan 202x135cm

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Article number923352
Age23 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth202x135cm
Feature detailsEsfahan Nadjafabad Unikat
Retailprice2.970,00 EUR

1.683,00 EUR
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Esfahan (Isfahan, Nadjafabad), is located in central Iran, the cultural heart of Iran. The more than 5,000 years of history and the many magnificent monuments concentrated Development of the arts reflect that fact again. This is also in the almost perfect and breathtaking carpets Esfahan evident. Almost all images are produced with the floral and arabesque, in very delicate predominate. Not to mention the breathtaking "paintings" often in gold frames. The blaze of color knows no boundaries mainly dominated by white beige, red and blue. As a rule, for the fine Esfahan, the node density of 750 thousands to 1 million Kn. / m² is sufficient, wool or Kurkwool processed with either cotton or silk content on silk. There are coarser Esfahan produced on cotton with a node density of about 125,000 Knt. / m². For the connoisseur: A good principle Esfahan is made on silk.

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