949991 - Kerman 402x301cm

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Article number949991
Age20 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth402x301cm
Feature detailsKerman Unikat
Retailprice4.500,00 EUR

2.550,00 EUR
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Kerman (Kirman) is the center of the desert part of southern Persia. If there is a Carpet which would be sweet it would be the Kerman. The colors and the finest flowers covers him the Design which called "Gholem Afshan" unique and unmistakable. The design mostly comes in flower colors Medallion and mirror. The "Lawer" Kerman comes from the nearby Ravar place where he produced the finest and most beautiful of its kind. Wool on cotton at a Node density of 250-500 TKnt. / Sqm established. It is linked by knotted Kerman to distinguish. For the experts: It is rumored that due to a mishearing the "Lawer" should really be "hot Ravar.

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