980581 - Senneh 163x121cm

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Article number980581
Age20 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth163x121cm
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Retailprice1.170,00 EUR

663,00 EUR
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Senneh (SAENA) 200 km west of Hamadan, in a picturesque mountain valley, is Senneh. The quality of Senneh is being apparenttly explaint by the geographical proximity to Bidjar. The Senneh Carpet are Very solid and quite heavy. The designs are based on slightly Bidjar. The Heratie design and the many small Boteh can be found in Senneh again. Typical of the appearance of modern Senneh are strong and contrasting colors. It is dominated by a strong addition to beige and red the typical bright Sennehblue. Fine and bright wool on cotton with a knot density subject of 200-400 TKnt/sqm. For the connoisseur: Old Senneh recognized one of the very soft Linking and harmonizing quite dark shades.

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