992780 - Ardebil 336x250cm

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Article number992780
Age21 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth336x250cm
Feature detailsArdebil
Retailprice7.500,00 EUR

4.250,00 EUR
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Ardebil is located in northwestern Iran near the Caspian Sea, there it produce since over 2000 years carpets. Because lack of money to renovate their mosque, the city fathers have at the end of the 19.ten centuries, sold to the London museum a historically carpet: The "Holy Carpet". The pattern of Ardebil divided into two styles. Firstly, it is the Herati / Mahi design which is similar to that of the Tabrismahi other hand, it is the consistent Caucasian style. The color scheme is dominated by the blue Herati, brown, red and beige tones. In the caucasian type all colors are possible. Most wool on cotton processed with the Caucasian type in the chain of silk and wool in the weft, at a density of 150-250 thousands of nodes per sqm.

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