995967 - Sarough 299x219cm

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Article number995967
Age24 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth299x219cm
Feature detailsSarough
Retailprice2.970,00 EUR

1.683,00 EUR
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Sarough Mir (Saruk, Arak) The Sarough should really read Arak. In the small village is the Sarough classic carpet created but only the production capacity in Arak made him famous and Tradable for export. Many designs are possible. The classic Sarough for his salmonlike known keynote which is accented with beige and blue. The most famous design of Saough is floral style, with large flowers and often shines with empty sub-areas. A very special known design of Sarough is with the Mirboteh allover or surrounded by a strictly selfsame rhombustic Medallion. Here are the colours dominated by a gentle red, beige and blue. It is wool on cotton in a knot density of about 150-350 thousand nodes per square meter.

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